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A Genocide Memorial and Art Installation: Honoring the Lithuanian Victims of the Soviet Genocide

Church of St. Michael the Archangel
Kaunas, Lithuania

The soviet occupation of Lithuania began on June 15, 1940, and lasted 53 years, 2 months, and 5 days. The Bolshevik-inspired genocide swept away about one million Lithuanians, one third of the population. The purpose of this event was to honor the victims - on the 55th anniversary of the date when and in the location where, this great national tragedy began. The conceptual theme, death and resurrection, is a metaphor that can be understood on artistic, liturgical, and national levels. The context is based on the belief that art and liturgy heal spiritually - not politically. This international, collaborative art project was created and produced by Ina Kozel (artist, USA), Vida Zamalvte (artist, Lithuania), and Rev. R. Mikutavicius (rector, Lithuania). The work was executed with the help of Lithuanian and American artists and craftsmen. Financial support was provided by a start-up grant from ArtsLink (USA) and private donations, mostly from Lithuania.

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